Media Slut

November 2004
307 Knox Records

Electronic-only re-release October 2006
  1. T.G.I. Doomsday (mp3 / 3.3 MB)
  2. Home Security
  3. Walking Into Walls (mp3 / 2.3 MB)
  4. Static Time
  5. Sex House
  6. Ice Age
medai slut cover art

Our first time in the studio, quite nicely recorded by Alex Kostelnik, who has recorded bands you've actually heard. Quite nice of him to give a such a deal on his talents, but then, he'd put some dings into PG's car. The last track is a cover of a song Joy Division wrote while they were still known as Warsaw. We'd never played it before. We each learned our parts separately and laid 'em down not really sure as to what the next person was going to play.  Drums first and vocals last, as per usual, but the guitar went before the bass.

We actually disbanded on the night we did the release party for this EP. Here's how we announced the gig.

Early copies of the EP on 307 Knox have a different track in the place of "Home Security". The EP's title on iTunes got renamed slightly, because the apparently don't like one of the words. Their method of censoring suggest an even ruder title.


July 10th, 2004 at the Cave

Video from a digital camera, (big 13.4 MB MPEG-4 movie file for you big fans.)

You Tube link, (for you curious onlookers)

Jason Fagg held the camera from the first booth at the Cave. Later edited by Bendy, with images selected by Eliza. The song itself is a tribute to telemarketers for home alarm systems. When you buy a house, they start calling constantly, having found out about the real estate transaction through the city records. The song also honors other organizations which might have an interest in monitoring your safety. So many people looking our for us! It makes me feel snug and warm.


May 18th, 2003
Everybody's Doin' It (mp3 / 2.5 MB)
Everybody's Doin' It
(realaudio/modem, 618 KB)

It was the first time we ever heard ourselves, and while parts are good, it made us rework several of our songs. Bendy started using guitar effects, after avoiding them for ten years in his playing. But "Everybody's Doin' It" came out well, particularly PG's bass. He was dealing with some depressing news, and really worked it out. Eliza totally dolled it up, even for radio land. WXDU is a college radio station several Blackstrap members have been involved with. They contribute to the Dusted Charts. And you can listen to it here.


If you poke around der interweb, you can find mp3 files of some of the other tracks listed on this page. But click on the underlined ones to get started.


Certified Diskette

certified diskette cover art

July 2006
307 Knox Records
Includes "City of Medicine" by Blackstrap

Another survey of our local music scene, Our track is a remix of one of our first songs. This also includes "Mad Cow" a electronic pop song from one of Eliza's other bands, Snuggle Factor 10. And there's other local highlights, like Red Collar, Veronique Diablolique, and Wigg Report.

Chicks Rock

chicks rock cover art

October 2004
307 Knox Records
Includes "Home Security" by Blackstrap

This comp is a great survey of some of the best bands of the Triangle, including great tracks from des_ark and Gerty. Packed in a DVD case, it includes a 90 page fanzine.

Durham Rocks

durham rocks cover art

307 Knox Records
August 2004
includes "TGI Doomsday" by Blackstrap.

A compliation of bands appearing at the 2004 Durham music festival, including quite a groovy track from Dom Casual.